Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Photo Editor, An ultimately powerful android photo editor I ever have

When it comes to the social media, I always think that it's all about expression. Everybody shares all of their thoughts online and can be seen by others regardless time and place. I like when looking at some of my high school friends sharing their new born baby. Believe me, I like looking at their innocent eyes. Lovely. But when it comes to the over expose, I'm
sorry guys, I should skip your beautiful life moment. Does not mean that I don't like it but I have other exciting things to see.

Speaking of photography, confession: I'm not the one who takes photo undeniably good. Oh, I guess it's not confession. Just a flat statement from a basic camera user. Though I know my photo is not good but I have my own way to make it better to be consumed by my follower on instagram. Photo Editor. That's it. I have installed this application since I had my first android smarphone.

Here's the icon of the application:

Photo Editor
You know where to find it.

And the list below are some of my edited photos. I wish you liked it.

I am sorry that almost of the photos above are only myself. Narcissistic? Probably.



  1. jadi dengan menggunakan photo editor ultimately hasil akhirnya bakalan sesempurna contoh hasil editing ke gituh ya mang?

    1. Sempurna? Wow, Gak juga. Tergantung jam terbang pemakaian oge, mang. hehe

  2. Ini foto-foto exposure gitu kan ya ?
    gokil sih nanti ane cobain juga

    1. Yang jelas nanti wajahku tambah ganteng jika di edit photo editor ultimately.


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